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Just a few of our recommendations. We do not print last names for privacy & safety reasons...

Above & Beyond! Thorough & appropriate pace for novices. Well-rounded curriculum-logistics, laws, situational awareness, etc.
Approachable/open to questions & dialogue.  Professional
Excellent personalities & engaging.

Very good with the girls, very good pace and I learned a lot about handling handguns. Very good balance of mental & physical (handling) instruction.

I enjoyed how thorough the class was and the slow step-by-step process to ensure safety & comfortability. It was easy to ask questions and learned a lot.

I've done research on many types of gun training and this class was by FAR the best option for the best price! No improvements I can think of at this time!

Larry Sturm came highly recommended from a local gun shop that I frequent. As a long-time gun owner and intermittent handgun shooter I was overly thrilled by Larry's attention to safety and detail. The private coaching/training that I received was helpful due to ingrained habits that formed over the years.

It was like having a golf instructor watching your swing and pointing out what needs to be corrected. I was amazed at the tips that Larry shared and he suggested that I practice these tips/drills whenever and wherever the occasion warrants. 

I'd highly recommend Pistol-Safe training regardless of your experience level!
Jim G

I had the pleasure of meeting Larry and taking a private lesson with him yesterday. It was a well taught, thorough, and reassuring class. As I would not consider myself a "gun person" and I entered into gun ownership with fear and reservations, Larry helped me through those concerns. I consider Larry to be a gun professional and therefore qualified through his very personal and hands on approach in teaching his basic course. His focus on gun safety was outstanding. As I shall continue in practice, the many aspects of safely handling a firearm that Larry taught me, I look forward to taking my second lesson with him as my skill set improves and I am prepared to do so! Thanks Larry!! 
Don W.

Larry, You have the knowledge and education needed to train and provide the important facets of gun control. You taught my daughter and myself the correct approach to handle and shoot a gun each and every time we picked it up. You also gave us important facts to better understand proper gun control for the future. Thank you.
Ray B. 

I wanted to thank Larry Sturm for his excellent instruction that I received during  his private pistol training session.  I had taken a similiar course several months ago and walked away from it feeling defeated and very intimidated. I loved the one-on-one touch in Larry's class.  Larry is very patient and encouraging.  He makes you feel confident and makes the instruction fun.  I am looking forward to purchasing a gun and going to the range again.  I have already recommended his class to several of my friends.
Paula D. 

I just wanted to thank you for a great class.  You covered gun safety, situational awareness, gun cleaning and thenhands on instruction for handling and shooting a gun safely.  The time at the gun range was a great experience and a great way to end the class.  I'd gladly recommend your class.  Thanks again. 
Greg M.

Mr. Sturm is a fine instructor. He sets men and women at ease. His class is excellent for the experienced to improve their knowledge and safety. Newbies will learn good safety habits and basic shooting skills to build on. I highly recommend this class.
Chris G. 

I recently took the NRA-Basic Pistol Course taught by NRA Instructor Larry Strum.  This is a great class and I recommend that anyone who wants to learn how to shoot a pistol (or needs a refresher) take this class.  During the class room portion of the course Larry covered everything from “soup to nuts”.  i.e., different types of pistols, how to properly pick up a gun, cleaning a gun, GUN SAFETY and everything in between.  Before we went to the local range to shoot our guns, we had the opportunity to dry fire our pistols.   Larry wanted to make sure we were completely comfortable with handling our own guns before we shoot them.  At the range, Larry took the time to work with each student to make sure we were properly hitting our target.  After passing this course, I definitely have a stronger level of comfort in handling my personal firearm. 
Rachelle R. 
President / CEO
——— Inc

I recently purchased my first revolver back in March but I wanted to be an informed, responsible gun owner.  I decided to take Larry's class to learn how to properly use my gun but understand the safety and laws of gun ownership.  After the course I felt so much more confident and knowledgeable about my firearm and gun safety!
Larry explained very thoroughly and patiently three proper ways to pick up a firearm, then he demonstrated different types of handguns and the proper way to check for bullets in the chamber.  The class was a small size but I enjoyed that because we had time to ask questions and get familiar with the firearms.  After the class we practiced firing our handguns at a separate location but it was a great experience to put into play all the classroom experience we just learned.
Before I took this class I thought I would have preferred an all-women's course but I felt totally comfortable learning with other males and I would highly suggest taking this course with Larry!
Chrissy K.

Larry, Thank you so much for putting on the 1-1 training class. I am a first time gun owner and after taking your class, I feel safe and comfortable around my firearm. I would highly recommend your class to any new gun owner. 
Thank you so much,
Dave A.

I attended an NRA pistol safety class given by Larry Sturm.  The class was very helpful, I learned a lot even though i have been shooting for years.  Larry emphasized the safe handling of a handgun throughout the class.  The sight alignment exercise was helpful too, as was our time at the range. 
Larry helped all of the students - some were beginners and some were experienced shooters.  I would recommend this class and I would definitely attend another class with Larry!
Jeff W.